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A trademark certificate is valid for 10 years from the date of applying for trademark registration to the patent office. The certificate can be renewed for another 10 years by filing an application with the patent office and paying applicable government charges. This should be done during the last 6 months before the certificate expires. Read more

In accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine, if for some reason a trademark certificate holder fails to apply for renewal during the last 6 months before the certificate expires, he or she is given another 6 months starting from the expiration date to apply for renewal. The government charge increases by 50%.

Once all the formalities to renew trademark registration are completed, the State Intellectual Property Service of Ukraine has 30-45 days to document in the State register of Trademarks for Products and Services in Ukraine that a trademark certificate has been renewed for another 10 years. A trademark owner is notified in writing.

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The cost of trademark certificate renewal includes:

  • government charge for one class  — 12000 UAH;
  • government charge for each additional class  — 1200 UAH;
  • agency fee  — 1200 UAH.

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