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We can help you register a copyright both in Ukraine and in other countries.

According to international law, copyright protection in one country is automatically extended to almost all countries of the world. However, in some cases, a copyright registration abroad is recommended.

Copyright belongs to the creator of the work and his or her heirs starting from the date of the work’s creation. Read more

Copyrighted items include:

  1. Literary and artistic works:
    • pieces of writing: novels, poems, articles, etc.;
    • spoken word pieces: lectures, speeches, sermons and the like;
    • drama and music performances, pantomimes, choreography and other stage works;
    • pieces of music (with or without lyrics);
    • multimedia;
    • paintings, architecture, sculptures and graphics;
    • photographic works;
    • works of arts and crafts;
    • illustrations, maps, plans, sketches and three-dimensional works relating to geography, topography, architecture or science;
    • translations, adaptations, arrangements and other creative processing of literary and artistic works;
    • compilations, if assembling and arranging of the items required intellectual effort.
  2. Computer software.
  3. Database produced as a result of intellectual effort for any reason.

Items that are not eligible for copyright protection include:

  • official documents issued by government agencies and local municipal authorities, including laws, other legal texts, court decisions, other legislative, administrative and judicial materials, official documents of international organizations, as well as their official translations;
  • state symbols and signs (flags, emblems, decorations, banknotes, and the like), as well as symbols and signs of municipal formations;
  • works of folk art (folklore) without known authors;
  • news reports on events and facts, which have purely informational nature (daily news reports, television programs, transportation schedules, and the like);
  • ideas, concepts, principles, methods, processes, systems, means, solutions to technical, organizational and other problems, discoveries, facts, programming languages.

The author has the following non-property rights:

  • the right to demand acknowledgement of his or her authorship by proper indication of the author's name on the work and its copies and in any form of its public use, as far as practically possible;
  • the right to prohibit mentioning of his or her name in any form of its public use, should the author wish to remain anonymous;
  • the right to choose a pseudonym and to demand its use instead of the author’s name on the work and its copies and in any form of its public use;
  • the right to demand integrity of the work and to prevent distortion, misinterpretation, changes to the work or any forms of abuse that can cause harm to honor and reputation of the author.

Personal non-property rights cannot be alienated or transferred to other persons.

The author has the following property rights:

  1. The exclusive right to use the work, allowing the owner to use the work in any form or by any means.
  2. The exclusive right to authorize other persons to use the work in the following ways:
    • reproduce the work;
    • share, perform, display and display the work in public;
    • distribute counterparts of the work;
    • modify, adapt, arrange, translate the work;
    • import counterparts of the work, etc.
  3. The right to prohibit the misuse of the product.

Property rights can be transferred to other persons.

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Copyright registration is not mandatory, but offers a number of advantages:

  • Certificate of copyright registration provides leverage in court proceedings;
  • Certificate of copyright registration proves that on a certain day you declared your rights;
  • Certificate of copyright registration can facilitate commercialization of a copyrighted item.

The copyright note includes:

  • the latin letter “c” located in the center of a circle – ©,
  • the name of a copyright owner,
  • the year of the first publication of the work.

Such copyright notes are affixed to the original and each counterpart of the work. For instance, they can be seen on licensed audio or video cassettes, CDs or magazines.

The cost of copyright registration includes:

  • government charge for copyright registration for the natural person  — 255 UAH;
  • government charge for copyright registration for a legal entity  — 510 UAH;
  • government charge for registration of a copyright agreement (filed by the natural person) — 510 UAH;
  • government charge for registration of a copyright agreement (filed by a legal entity) — 1020 UAH;
  • agency fees — from 2000 UAH.

The average time for copyright registration in the State Service is two months.

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