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Representation in courts

Our specialists will professionally represent the interests of natural persons and legal entities in all courts of the judicial system of Ukraine (commercial, administrative, local courts of all instances, the Supreme Court of Ukraine), arbitration courts, before the executive bodies. Due to highly proficient lawyers working in our company, who specialize in different branches of the law and different processes, we have a highly specialized as well as comprehensive approach to each lawsuit.

We provide legal support from the point of view of supporting and prospects evaluating of legal and arbitration cases.

The key directions of our activity are as follows:

  • commercial disputes;
  • corporate disputes;
  • land disputes;
  • family and housing disputes;
  • property disputes;
  • defamation disputes;
  • disputes on protection of intellectual property rights;
  • real estate, construction and insurance disputes;
  • investment, tax and antimonopoly disputes;
  • disputes related to debt recovery;
  • other types of disputes.

The cost of our services in the sphere of court records amounts to:

  • drawing up complaints, petitions and other service documents – starting from 500 UAH;
  • analyzing risks for arising of legal controversies – starting from 1,000 UAH;
  • developing the strategy of conducting the case, legal opinion in a legal controversy, preparing a conclusion on the legal opinion – starting from 2,000 UAH;
  • collecting the necessary evidences, preparing statements of claim, petitions of appeal and cassation appeals – starting from 2,000 UAH;
  • representation of the clients’ interests in commercial, administrative and local courts – starting from 800 UAH for one court session;
  • levying of execution of judgments within the enforcement proceeding – starting from 2,000 UAH;
  • comprehensive conducting of a legal controversy – starting from 4000 UAH per month;
  • representation of the clients’ interests in the courts of arbitration, including the International Commercial Arbitration Court at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine – starting from 2,000 UAH for one court session;
  • levying of execution of judgments of foreign public courts and international arbitrages – starting from 4,000 UAH;
  • comprehensive conducting of an arbitration dispute – starting from 8000 UAH per month;
  • drafting and concluding of amicable agreements – starting from 2,000 UAH.

The precise cost of services depends on the scope and complexity of rendered services.

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