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Apostille and Legalization

Apostille is a stamp put on the back side of an official document (issued by a signatory state of the Hague Convention), certifying authenticity of the signature, seal or stamp of the document. Apostille affixed on the document certifies it for legal purposes in other signatory countries.

Legalization performs the same function as the apostille, but only in the non-member states of the Hague Convention.

Apostille is affixed to the documents by the relevant state authorities and has no expiration date.

Apostille shall be affixed to the originals:

  • private documents:
    • diplomas, archival excerpts, training certificates, diplomas
    • certificates of good conduct, residence and health certificates
    • documents issued by civil registry offices (marriage certificate, birth certificate, divorce certificate, etc.)
    • notarial deeds (applications, powers of attorney, affidavits, etc.)
  • legal documents (registration certificates, powers of attorney, articles of association and other documents).

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Apostille is affixed by the following authorities:

  • The Ministry of Justice of Ukraine - for the documents issued by judicial bodies, courts and executed by notaries of Ukraine;
  • he Ministry of Education and Science - for official documents issued by educational institutions, state authorities, companies and organizations dealing with education and science;
  • he Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine - for all other types of documents.

Mechanism of apostille:

  • In case with education documents, apostille is only affixed to the originals, as such documents are often forged. Thus, apostille certifies the authenticity of your educational documents.
  • Apostille shall be affixed to the original documents issued by the Ukrainian state authorities, or their notarized copies. Notarized copies of the documents issued by the civil registry offices (marriage certificates, birth certificates, etc.) after 1993 are eligible for apostille. If such documents were issued before 1993, they must be exchanged for the new version.
  • If the documents were issued outside Kiev or the Kiev Region, they must be certified by the local authorities on the back side.

Documents not eligible for apostille:

  • documents issued by the overseas diplomatic authorities of Ukraine;
  • official documents directly concerning commercial or customs activities;
  • correspondence;
  • originals, copies and photocopies of passports, military cards, employment record books, weapons permits, vehicle registration certificates (technical certificates), identity cards, regulations along with their interpretation and legal conclusions regarding their application.

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At your request, we can take care about translation and notarization of your documents. The cost of apostille and legalization depends on the authority, type of document, and the country where the document is submitted.

More information about legalization and apostille is available from our experts.

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