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Intellectual Property Evaluation

Our experts have many years of practical experience in the field of evaluation.

Appraisers of our company can evaluate the cost of intellectual property rights for the following items:

  • trademarks for goods and services, inventions (utility models), industrial designs, know-hows;
  • works of literature, science, architecture;
  • computer software, databases, technologies.

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You may need evaluation services, if you want to:

  • xchange intellectual property rights (brands, trademarks, logos, etc.) for cash;
  • establish authorized capital without diversion of funds, allowing access to credit and investments;
  • document ownership rights and place intellectual property items on the company balance sheet as company assets;
  • amortize intellectual property as an intangible asset of the company;
  • earn additional income by transferring intellectual property rights;
  • learn current royalty rates paid to authors and owners of intellectual property
  • purchase or sell intellectual property on the most favorable terms;
  • have unbiased assessment of the real value of your intangible assets when making transactions (alienation, contribution to charter capital, using intellectual property as collateral, etc.);
  • obtain documentary evidence (intellectual property evaluation report) that will be valid in court and applicable in court proceedings.

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The cost of intellectual property evaluation is  8000 UAH or more.

Should that be necessary, our appraisers can perform evaluation of:

  • real estate, including land and property rights;
  • vehicles;
  • shares, securities;
  • movable property (with / without cultural value);
  • additionally, we offer evaluation for tax purposes and payment of other mandatory fees required by law.

Time and cost are not fixed and shall depend on evaluation purposes, urgency and number of items included in the order agreement.

For more information, please contact us or leave your contact details, so we can call you back.

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