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License Agreements

We can help you draft, agree and register a trademark license agreement. If you want to authorize or obtain authorization to use a trademark, you should make a license agreement. In this case, the trademark owner (licensor) retains his ownership rights, whereas the second party (licensee) gets the right to use the trademark for a fee on conditions set forth in the agreement and in accordance with applicable law. By entering into this agreement, the licensee is able to use an established trademark, and the licensor earns additional income coming from the activities of the licensee.

The agreement for transfer of trademark property rights is not subject to state registration. The parties may register the agreement by mutual consent.

However, if you want to redelegate a second level .UA domain name based on a trademark licensing agreement, then the state registration of the agreement becomes mandatory. Estimated time for registration of a license agreement with the State Intellectual Property Service is 2 months.

The cost of drafting and registration of a trademark license agreement includes:

  • government charge — 2400 UAH;
  • agency fees for drafting a license agreement — от 3500 UAH or more;
  • agency fees for facilitation of state registration of a license agreement — from 1500 UAH.

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