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Private Enterprise

Private Enterprise operates on the basis of the private ownership of one or more natural persons or legal entities. The private enterprise founder may also be its director. The owner of the private enterprise is not responsible for its obligations and bears the risk of losses limited to its contribution to the authorized capital. Authorized capital requirements for its size and regulations governing formation of the authorized capital are not in place, hence these issues are at the discretion of the owner. The supreme governing body of the private enterprise is the decision of the owner.

How the service is provided:

  1. The customer submits necessary documents and information;
  2. Founding documents of the company are prepared;
  3. Founders sign the articles of association and the power of attorney certified by a notary;
  4. Our experts fully register the company in the relevant state authorities;
  5. All the documents and a seal are furnished to the customer.

Before the registration begins, customers have to fill out an application. Based on the information submitted, our specialists provide a detailed consultation, calculate costs and time.

If you need to make certain changes to the enterprise, like replacing director or founder, changing addresses, area of business, size of the authorized capital, etc., don’t hesitate contact our specialists, and you will get professional help.

The cost of private enterprise registration for natural persons-founders:

  • 2,000 UAH.

Extra fees are paid for:

  • notary services
  • translation of documents of the non-resident founder
  • making seals, stamps

The company registration time is 3 - 4 business days.

To get an initial consultation, please fill out the application.

If you are ready to provide all the information required for company registration, please fill out this comprehensive application.


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Application for registration of close corporation






By submitting an application, you accept terms of the public offer.

The application will be processed within 1 business day

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