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Sole Proprietor

If you are a novice entrepreneur with a small startup capital, the sole proprietor is the most suitable option.

A sole proprietor has the right to engage in any business activities allowed by the law for this specific type of business organization. As opposed to the legal entity, where founders are responsible only to the extent of their contributions to the authorized capital, a sole proprietor is personally liable for all debts to creditors, i.e. creditors may go after the sole proprietor’s assets to the extent allowed by the laws of Ukraine. Before registering as a sole proprietor, one should decide on the type of business activities and taxation.

The cost of sole proprietorship registration:

  • without a seal - 1,000 UAH
  • with a seal - 1,250 UAH

The price doesn’t include notarial costs for certification of the relevant documents and translation costs (if any).

The sole proprietors registration time is 3 business days.

If a sole proprietor is not a resident of Ukraine, he or she should apply for a tax number in the State Tax Service of Ukraine. We provide assistance in obtaining the tax number.

The cost will be 800 UAH, time - 5 business days.

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