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Joint-Stock Companies

A joint-stock company (JSC) is an economic entity, the authorized capital of which is divided into a certain number of shares with an equal par value, equity rights under which are certified by shares. According to their type, joint-stock companies are divided into public joint-stock companies (PJSC) and private joint-stock companies (PrJSC). The minimum amount of the authorized capital of a joint-stock company is 1250 minimum wages, pursuant to the rate of minimum wages effective at the moment of establishment (incorporation) of a joint-stock company. The cost of shares distributed during establishment of a JSC may be paid with monetary funds or property, proprietary and non-proprietary rights, which are evaluated, with securities (except for debt securities, issued by the incorporator, and bills).

Our specialists will render you a professional and prompt assistance in issues related to registration of joint-stock companies and stock market activities.

The cost of services related to the process of a joint-stock company registration amounts to:

  • consultation services to shareholders – starting from 500 UAH;
  • drawing up charters and domestic regulations of joint-stock companies – starting from 1,200 UAH;
  • conducting a general meeting of shareholders – starting from 7,000 UAH;
  • establishment of private and public joint-stock companies – starting from 16,000 UAH.

We will help you to solve all kinds of attendant problems arising in the process of a joint-stock company’s activity and working in the stock market. We provide support for the processes of:

  • disclosing information in the stock market – starting from 800 UAH;
  • providing cooperation of the securities issuers with the Central Securities Depositary of Ukraine – starting from 800 UAH;
  • obtaining (changing) an ISIN code at the National (Central) Securities Depositary of Ukraine – starting from 1,000 UAH;
  • considering cases of infringement of the law in the equity market – starting from 1,200 UAH;
  • bringing the activity of joint-stock companies into compliance with the Law of Ukraine “On Joint-Stock Companies”, dematerialization of shares – starting from 7,000 UAH;
  • increasing the authorized capital of joint-stock companies (additional issue of shares, dividend reinvestment etc.);
  • transforming (reorganizing) of joint-stock companies;
  • other services by agreement.

In order to receive an initial consultation and start the process of registration, please, fill in a free application. Our specialists will contact you and provide you with a detailed consultation regarding the list of required documents and information for launching the process.


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