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Patent Search

We can conduct a patent search quickly, efficiently and professionally.

To be eligible for an invention, utility or design patent, the invention must be novel. Based on results of a patent search, you can determine the level of novelty of your invention and learn about the items patented by your competitors. Technological progress has been dramatic both in Ukraine and all over the world. There are good chances that a similar solution has already been developed and registered (i.e. patented) by other inventors.

A patent search can help you save time and money, in case your solution is not novel, or in case of violation of the rights of third parties.

The cost of patent information search with regard to local novelty is  — 800 UAH. Time – 5-7 business days. This is the minimum required search to apply for a utility patent.

The cost of patent information search on the world novelty in the US, European and international patent databases is — от 3000 UAH. or more. Time – 7-14 business days. This is the best type of search in case of filing for an invention patent, if the invention is meant to be registered in other countries.

The cost of patent information search is calculated based on complexity of the item you want to patent.

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