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Industrial Design

We provide thorough consultation and quality service for registration of industrial designs.

Industrial design implies innovative combination of art and design which harmoniously connects an object’s function and form. Design patents are often issued for labels, fabric patterns, packaging, bottles, bags, the look of appliances and tools, kits or sets of products, furnishings, etc.

A document certifying priority, authorship and ownership rights for industrial design is a design patent that is valid for 10 years starting from the date of filing an application with the patent office and can be renewed for another five years at the patent owner’s request and after payment of applicable fees.

Validity of design patents must be maintained annually. Every year a certain fee must be paid to keep a design patent valid. Read more

Any design that is novel is eligible for design patenting.

Novelty of industrial design is judged from the international perspective. That is, industrial design is considered novel, if the sum of its features wasn’t public knowledge before the date when the application was filed in Ukraine or, if priority is claimed, before the priority date. In addition, relevant information to determine the novelty of industrial design includes other applications already filed with the patent office, except those considered withdrawn, or withdrawn, or rejected with all the opportunities to appeal already used up.

The following items are not eligible for design patenting:

  • architectural objects (except small architectural forms), industrial, hydraulic and other fixed structures;
  • printed publications as such;
  • objects of unstable nature made of liquid, gas, granules, or other similar substances, etc.

The standard time for design patent registration is 4-6 months, or 1,5-2 months in case of accelerated processing.

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Agency fee for drafting and filing a design patent application is 1,500 or more.

The above cost doesn’t include government fees. The cost of filing a utility patent application is calculated based on complexity and number of versions of the item that you want to patent.

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