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We can provide a thorough consultation and the whole range of services to register an invention.

An invention is a innovative technical solution with unique features in any field of technology producing technical results. Devices, systems, methods, new applications of a known product or process can be protected as inventions.

A document certifying priority, authorship and ownership rights for an invention is a patent that is valid for 20 years starting from the date of filing an application with the patent office. The patent gives its holder an exclusive right to prevent others from using the invention without his or her permission.

The patent holder’s rights in a certain country are not recognized in other countries (the principle of independence of patents). A patent right becomes valid only after a patent is registered in a relevant national patent authority. Geographic validity of a patent is limited to the territory of the country of registration. Therefore, an invention can be used freely by anyone in countries, where it is not patented. To protect an invention in several countries, it must be patented in all of those countries. Read more

To be eligible for legal protection, an invention must meet the following criteria:

  • novelty;
  • innovative nature;
  • industrial applicability.

An invention is considered novel if it is not part of the prior art. Prior art includes all the information that was public knowledge on the date of filing an application with the patent office or on the date of priority. Novelty is the foundation of the invention.

Novelty of the invention means that a similar problem wasn’t previously solved in the same way. Innovative nature means that the invention is not obvious to an expert, and that it is not explicitly derived from the current level of technology.

Industrial applicability means that the invention can be used in manufacturing or other spheres. That is, there must be technical or other possibility of putting the invention to practice.

An inventor or inventors who created an invention can apply for a patent. But if the invention was made as a result of an employee’s performing his or her job responsibilities, then the right to apply for a patent for such service inventions belongs to the employer. The inventor retains authorship rights which constitute an integral personal right protected indefinitely.

Objects that are not eligible for protection as inventions:

  • fail to meet at least one of the patentability requirements;
  • plants and animal breeds;
  • biological reproduction processes of plants and animals that are not non-biological or microbiological;
  • topographies of integrated circuits;
  • results of artistic design.

The average standard time for obtaining a patent in Ukraine is 18 months starting from the date of filing an application. It can take less time in case of accelerated examination.

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Agency fee for drafting and filing an invention patent application is от 4000 UAH. or more

The above cost doesn’t include the cost of patent search and translation of foreign patents, as well as government fees. The cost of filing for an invention patent is calculated based on complexity of the item you want to patent.

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