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Obtaining a Tax Number by Non-Residents of Ukraine

We can help you get the tax identification number certificate in a short time, at a reasonable cost and without your personal presence in the tax authorities’ offices.

According to the Ukrainian laws, foreign nationals are required to obtain Ukrainian Tax ID Number (identification code, tax identification number, taxpayer registration card number in GRFL records) in the following cases:

  • business activities in Ukraine;
  • establishment (creation, foundation) of the company or purchase of a Ukrainian company (LLC, etc.);
  • executing notarial deeds;
  • registration of taxable assets located in Ukraine (real estate)
  • heirship procedures and enforcement of foreigners’ heirship rights in Ukraine;
  • applying for the residence permit, citizenship, a work permit by foreign citizens in Ukraine;
  • marriage registration for the foreign citizens in Ukraine;
  • other money-earning activities in Ukraine, where one has to pay taxes, duties and other fees.

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A natural person-non-resident of Ukraine shall submit the following documents to apply for an tax number:

  • a copy of the passport;
  • translation of the foreign citizen’s passport into the official language of Ukraine sealed by the translator’s seal or the translation agency’s seal;
  • • a notarized power of attorney authorizing an employee of our company in Ukraine to represent a foreign citizen applying for a Tax Number (if a notarized power of attorney was executed in another country in a language other than Ukrainian or Russian, an apostille stamp should be affixed with further written translation and notarization).

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At your request, we can take care of all the formalities including translation, notarization and apostille required to obtain a tax number.

The cost of obtaining a Tax ID Number for non-residents of Ukraine is 800 UAH. Time - 3 business days.

To get an initial consultation and start the process of applying for a Tax ID Number, please fill out the application.


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The application will be processed within 1 business day

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