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Obtaining a Residence Permit for Non-Residents of Ukraine

Our specialists can provide you with assistance in obtaining a residence permit in Ukraine. We will prepare all the necessary documents following official procedures for guaranteed results delivered on time.

Residence permit is a reasonable option for those foreigners who intend to reside permanently in Ukraine (most likely, with the prospect of further application for citizenship), meet requirements in accordance with the approved quota, or possess immigration permits and have the status of immigrants as defined by the Law of Ukraine “On Immigration”.

Our services include the following:

  • consultation on issues related to obtaining a permanent residence permit;
  • preparing an application for an immigration permit;
  • submitting all the necessary documents to the immigration authorities;
  • obtaining immigration permits;
  • preparing an application for the permanent residence permit;
  • ubmitting all the necessary documents to the immigration authorities;
  • obtaining a permanent residence permit.

At your request, we can take care of all the formalities including translation, notarization and apostille to obtain a residence permit for foreigners.

The cost of the service is 14 000 UAH. Time - up to 3 months.

In addition, our experts can help you in the process of obtaining a temporary residence permit. The total cost of this service is 4000 UAH.Time - 10-15 working days.

To get an initial consultation and start the process of applying for a residence permit, please fill out the application.


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Application for a residence permit for non-residents of Ukraine






By submitting an application, you accept terms of the public offer.

The application will be processed within 1 business day

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